Our Approach

“As a consulting firm our objective is simple: to apply our extensive business and commercial knowledge and experience to give clients clear, focused, pragmatic and reliable commercial guidance and solutions.”
– Dr. Christina Williamson

Our clients are looking for smart, effective advice that is technically excellent, relevant and practical. Our firm does not believe in one size fits all.

We understand instinctively the importance of tailored advice. To accomplish this, we begin each project by learning the company. We enlist reading materials about the company and its markets, as well as meeting with senior executives.
This process usually results in a short-list of issues where our expertise in leadership and business strategy can be applied. Understanding that our clients may sometimes require assistance from other advisors and experts, we’re not afraid to call in others to do what they do well.

iWP has invested in building relationships with other advisors whom we can bring in to assist on specific client matters and assignments.

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