Our Services

Reflecting Christina’s many years of experience as an auditor, analyst and business advisor, we focus on providing practical guidance to clients on their day-to-day business activities and key commercial transactions. We advise clients across the board of their business activities, with a special focus on:
1. Process Improvement
• Organizational Development
• Capacity Building
• Internal Process and Procedures
How Are We Different? We Are Six Sigma Certified.
2. Leadership Development
• Strategic Planning
• Executive Coaching
• Advisory Services
• Accountability Coaching
How Are We Different? We Have Doctorate of Philosophy Degrees in Leadership Studies and MBAs in Organizational Leadership.
3. Change Management
• Management Consulting
• Business Life Cycle Strategy
• Resilience Training for Organizations
• Resilience Training for Employees
How Are We Different? We Have Published Articles on Resilience and Change.

Here are some examples of what we do:

Strategic and High Level Review of Transactions
High-level “helicopter” reviews of business initiatives, commercial relationships and transactions, in advance of detailed reviews.

We provide stress testing, sanity checking and generally ask insightful questions in relation to operating procedures, strategic plans and commercial proposals. We review and commenting on, offering input and guidance on, key in principle and implementation issues. Our consultants works with clients to revise and finalize their plans and proposals while offering strategic input.

Development and Review of Business Proposals
iWP works with corporate clients and senior professionals in preparing key business proposals, presentations, and assisting of their preparation of outlines and finalizing documents. Generally we help them to prepare their proposals to present to managers, boards, clients and wider audiences. We also provide a forum and audience for dry-runs and dress rehearsals in preparation for formal pitches and presentations.

Commercial Training
Our firm offers internal team trainings on specific commercial projects, issues or requirements. We specialize in training internal teams on commercial operations and activities, transactions and business initiatives.

Participation on Panels, Committees, Management Teams and Boards
iWP serves in the role of “trusted advisor” for boards, panels, committees and management teams. We act as a sounding board for business leaders who want an outside perspective.

Leadership Development
Our firm is typically hired to teach newly promoted managers how to successfully become the best leader possible. We focus the skills required from corporate managers including evaluating performance, setting team goals, dealing with conflict and team motivation. Our leadership development explicitly targets maximizing human potential.

Past Performance

Duke University
Merrill Lynch
CITI Leadership
Black Diamond Performance Reporting
Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership
Southern States Communication Association
Head Start and Lutheran Services of Florida